Shah Ji Archives

Images from the Sufi Guidance archives have been released in commemoration of Shah Ji, Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi. Also included is an adapted biography of Akhtar Moeed Shah Al- Abidi, by Dr E Quraishy.

Shah Ji was born and raised in India and migrated to Pakistan after the partition of the sub continents. After the early sixties he resided in the cities of Manchester and Slough in England. Shah Ji frequently visited Pakistan and travelled widely across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Celebrated through various international publications and media, his work relevant to faith healing (Tabeeb-e-Islami) and original Islamic writings are just some of his accomplishments. Through each interaction he highlighted his message of compassion and humanity, and its ability to bring peace in the world. Mr Al-Abidi was an impressive spiritual man and reached such a height on the ladder of Sufism that he surpasses all the barriers of race, creed and colour. He was a courteous, caring and compassionate man, mystic and Sufi in the truest sense.

Dr Quraishy followed Mr Al- Abidi over the years, as a scientist and practising consultant psychiatrist of long standing in England. Shah Ji’s faith healing defied the normal scientific and medical principles. Dr Quraishy personally witnessed him healing those suffering from chronic disabling and apparently incurably sick people, in a most astonishing and miraculous manner. Shah Ji always discussed his achievements modestly and stated these to be a blessing from Allah and his prophet.

His compassion was for all. Shah Ji hosted gatherings for people of all faiths; Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Jewish people. He welcomed individuals from all aspects of society including laymen, professionals and members of British Parliament. They sat together to enjoy the peaceful milieu, his affection and pearls of his wisdom.
Mr Al Abidi spent his time quietly, but keeping actively busy with spiritual devotion, wazeefa and Islamic ancient writings. His collection of published books includes Manzil 1 and 2, Wahid Ishaat Wahid in Urdu language, and Divine Prophecy Divine.

His other uniquely extraordinary compilation includes the Jafr-e-Jamia, scripted in 28 volumes based on the knowledge given by the prophet Muhammad SAS to Hazrat Ali and is a compendium of the entire universe, thus embracing all which once existed and continues to exist today. The Ark and The Supreme Eleventh Commandment is the result of meticulously numerically encoded Quran, initially as a 100 x 100 naqsh and subsequently its complete version in the form of 1000 x 1000. This unique specimen is a mathematical wonder and is printed on 100 feet x 25 feet wide scroll.

On rare occasions when his collection was exhibited, he declared humbly for these to have been possible only by the grace of and guidance form Allah and his prophet Muhammad SAS. Similarly his biography of the Holy Prophet SAS was created from a ‘flow of the reflection of his thoughts and his ecstatic state’ and the culmination of his lifetime effort. The purpose of this book was to dispel the myths, logic and the rationale of the conventional writings about early aspects of the prophet’s life.

Dr Quraishy alongside many others recognised Shah Ji as a visionary, Sufi, scholar, fine, compassionate and gifted gentlemen, who has given the world knowledge that is unique and of great historical significance and may not have been revealed to the world otherwise.

Further information about Shah Ji is published in “Sufism and the ‘Modern’ in Islam“, which can be found on this link.